• May 16, 2021

You Beauty Discovery Beauty Box

This is my first-ever YBD – You Beauty Discovery beauty box. It is by far the cheapest beauty box I have found. I usually go with Latest in Beauty which can range from £14-£25, which is a good price for what you get. However, YBD is only £6.99. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this price, girls. Plus, it is free delivery. Hallelujah!

How YBD works is, at the beginning of each month you are sent an email listing all the available products to buy. From that list you pick two products you would like to have in that month’s beauty box. You then receive 3 additional items which are a surprise. As the subscription goes on if there happens to be a month where none of products take your fancy, then you can simply un-register. If you find another month throughout the year is more suited to you, they keep hold of your details and you simply re-register and pick the items you want. Simple as that! No contracts, which I love! Because of how cheap this is I am waiting it out till October to see what goodies are next. Let’s wait and see!

Tony & Guy Volume Plumping Whip, 90ml – I’ve heard nothing but good things about this product, and Tony & Guy as a brand. I love their hairspray. The smell I am addicted too, which may be a bad thing, but it does the job without leaving the hair feeling horrible. This was one of the surprise items in the September Issue, and a good surprise it is!

Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion, 75ml – This is one of the products which I picked but sold out very fast! So I was fortunate enough to get this when I did. This is my Mum’s all-time favourite brand when it comes to skin products, so I couldn’t resist giving it a go myself. The bottle reads, “A comforting & delicately fragranced blend of lightweight moisture infused with rose & shea butter”. The smell really is amazing. What first attracted me to this product when I opened it was that it states it is ‘lightweight’. There’s nothing I hate more than using lovely smelling body lotions and moisturisers that end up sitting on your body feeling greasy.

Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Colour SPF15, Eve 09 – I’ve not come across this brand before which intrigued me more, therefore I picked this lipstick as my second product. The fact that this has SPF15 is a bonus alongside the moisturising Mango Butter and Argan Oil. Argan Oil is slowly becoming a top ingredient in beauty products alongside hair products. I’ve noticed mascaras around the place are including the oil which is great, because I love it! This lipstick is in the shade Eve 09, which is a subtle coral which is beautiful. The smell reminds me of marshmallows which is odd given the main fragranced ingredient is Mango. I think my smelling senses are a little messed up. Although this lipstick is a lovely shade, the pigmentation isn’t too great. I did three to four swipes for the swatch above before any colour started to show. Another downfall is I think I am allergic to an ingredient in here which I am going to have to investigate. My hand had a slightly burning sensation afterwards and when tested on my lips they felt slightly swollen. Do not let this put you off, as obviously this is a personal issue. I will however keep you posted on what I find out! On the plus side, the packaging is a lovely deep purple with butterfly and flower sketches all around the case.

Additional items I received in this month’s box were a make-up sponge which is not branded. I am currently using this as an under-eye sponge for concealer until I finally buy a beauty sponge. So this has come in handy as a free alternative for the mean time! You also get two Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Bags in Afternoon Tea and Blackberry Green Tea – I’ve never particularly liked the idea of flavoured tea or any tea other than Tetly for that matter! I have been convinced to move to Asda’s Chosen by You tea bags to help save money, and I am getting the Tetly blues. So picky. I also received a £25 Gift Card for Hello Fresh. I’ve never heard of these before but was definitely intrigued when it involves food being delivered to your door. I have not tried these out yet, but definitely will give it a go. If all goes well I will most likely do a separate post as a review of their service and products. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.

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