• April 13, 2021

World Baking Day: My Favourite Recipes

World Baking Day is on May 17th 2015 and although I never take much notice of these kind of events or ‘holidays’ as I’ve seen some refer to them as, baking is one I most definitely won’t give a miss. If you’ve been a reader on my blog for some time, or you’re new to Scampi & Chips and noticed the array of recipes floating around, then you’ve most likely gathered I like a bit of cake once in a while – probably an understatement.

Baking for me is a great way to relax and is also the first activity I take to when feeling stressed, but the simplest reason of all – I enjoy it. My Mum used to be a Cake Decorator before she had me and my twin, Danielle. Then we had a family bakery consisting of everything you could want: animal shaped bread, loaves, sausage rolls, pastries and my favourite – Iced Buns.

Although me and my sister were only young, probably around ten years old when my parents decided to stop the business, I can still remember the little things that probably got me into baking – mainly the love of sugar. Every Saturday morning we would have 4am starts to go to the bakery and bake – when I say we, I mean Mum and Dad! To prevent me and Danielle getting in the way, we would sit in the back of the stock cupboard in a little den we’d build ourselves and often snack on all the chocolate buttons that were sat in massive bags on the shelves, which were for the chocolate treats our parents would bake. Other times we would catch up on sleep – such a hard life, wouldn’t you agree? The best memory I have of the bakery though, is the animal shaped bread my Dad would make us. I can’t remember him actually selling them, but before putting the batch of loaves in the oven he would use left over dough and make turtle or hedgehog shaped cobs. Once they were out the oven, we lathered them in butter which the bread instantly soaked up to make buttery goodness. best. thing. ever. Although my Dad did the majority of the baking, my Mum was always the creative one when it came to cakes. Birthdays would come and go and so would the best cakes you could ever imagine. I remember our 3rd birthday, my Mum made me and Danielle a big Pocahontas themed cake! It was insanely good, with a ‘3’ shaped cake covered in blue icing as a waterfall. She then made a log log boat with a marzipan Pocahontas sitting inside, going down the waterfall. That’s just one of the beautiful cakes she would make.

Unfortunately the decorative side to baking doesn’t come easily to me, but luckily the consistency, taste and overall presentation is on point! Take a look through my simple recipes and send me links to yours!

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