• May 11, 2021

The Tastiest & Fruitiest Organic Drinks

The Tastiest & Fruitiest Organic Drinks

Lately I’ve been trying all sorts of foods and drinks that I wouldn’t normally steer towards, but I’m up for trying new things! I recently gave health teas a second shot, then even tucked into some cricket flour energy bars – you heard me right. So when these organic drinks* by Berrywhite landed on my doorstep, I was fairly up for testing them out!

They have a range of sparkling and still drinks with some of the best flavour combinations around. Their drinks were “designed to be light and refreshing so that they could be drunk alongside food, but still be flavoursome as a thirst quencher.” I don’t drink fizzy/sparkling drinks much as I suffer with acid reflux and drinks with a ‘fizz’ are one of the first things to set it off. However, when I go out for a meal and I’m not feeling like having a tipple, a glass of coke is considered a ‘treat’ to me, but I can never seem to finish it or my meal because of the full feeling it gives you. I’m sure this is a feeling many of you know! But when drinking the sparkling drinks by Berrywhite, you don’t get this at all! So it’s a much better alternative for myself just from that aspect.

So, what flavours can you enjoy?

I got to try the following; Pomegranate & Blueberry, Cranberry & Guava, Lemon & Ginger and Peach & Goji Berry. Firstly, Pomegranate & Blueberry was the best flavour and is a drink I want to have over and over again. I was shocked by this as usually blueberry isn’t a taste I like; blueberry muffins or blueberries in smoothies have never been something I’ve taken to nicely! But it’s so nice!

Peach & Goji Berry however was the flavour I liked the least, which again, was a shocker! I love peach and I only ever have peach flavoured cordial in the flat as I simply love this fruit. But there was something about it being sparkling that didn’t bode well with me, but perhaps it’s just because I’ve only had that flavour in still drinks – not quite sure if that plays a part at all? Nevertheless, it wasn’t disgusting and is easily a drink I can choose again, but just not above the other three.

If you’re not a fan of sparkling drinks altogether, then Berrywhite do have a selection of still fruit organic drinks you can enjoy. I tried the still version of the Cranberry & Guava (my second favourite flavour out the four), but I’ve got to say, I prefer the sparkling version! I love the fizziness of drinks, but it’s of course had to be something I’ve avoided for health reasons over time, but due to this not having an effect on me, it’s made me favour it! Hallelujah!

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