• May 12, 2021

Personalised Photo Magnets | PicStick

I’m a lover of photographs, especially when it comes to pictures from my travels, days out or family gatherings. I’ve always dreamed that one day when I have my own house there will be a wall – a very large wall – which will be filled with random photographs and miss-matched frames. Anyone else have that vision? My Mum has a mini one going on which I love, but I am talking extravagant sized mural for me! I’m not sure how big this dream house is in my head.

Anyhow, PicStick kindly let me pick nine photographs which were sent to me as mini magnets. I’m also a lover of novelty magnets, but I don’t have big dreams for them. I would need a large fridge. Whenever I go travelling or have a day out to the seaside or a theme park for example, I never tend to print my photographs unless it’s as a gift. Reason being, it is so darn expensive nowadays! One little 6×4 print costs you 25p in shops today and personally I find that a rip off. Also I can only re-call buying one photo key-ring when at a theme-park which cost me £10! No one can agree that this is an acceptable price!

Back to my point, PicStick allow you to upload your own photographs which are then sent to you in a grid on magnets. You simply fold and tear across the lines and there you have it, a set of personalised magnets to post all around your house! A set of nine cost you a mere £9.50 with free delivery. I ordered mine around 11am and got mine the very next day! So you are guaranteed speedy delivery. If that isn’t enough, they have kindly sent me a discount code for you lovely readers to benefit from. The code CHIPS25 will give you 25% off your order. Let me do the maths for you…hang on. £7.12! What a bargain. I’ve already cheekily passed the code onto my Mum because Christmas is near and all the relatives get photo-related presents from her. My face is a shrine in most of my relative’s houses when I visit, thanks to my Mum.

I decided to go for a mix of photos from my very large collection. I didn’t want to go for your standard, ‘Say Cheese!’ photographs. Instead I wanted something a little more fun. I picked my Graduation ones as they are a document of a very memorable day for me. I also picked the funniest selfie of all-time which me and Eliot managed to capture when in Boston. Here’s the story behind it; We were on a boat heading out into the sea to do some Whale-watching and as you can imagine the wind was pretty strong. I got my camera out and thought I had complete control over my hair, then this happened when I flipped the screen back round. It’s not a flattering picture of the two of us, more so for Eliot, but who cares?!

So again, if you would like to check out PicStick and their services and products, click HERE. Remember, you can get a further 25% off when using the code CHIPS25 which is also listed in my ‘Discount Code’ section on my sidebar. A tip I could suggest, which I am doing next week, is buying these for your friends. If you have lots of friends to buy gifts for but you only want to get something small and meaningful, order one sheet of these with two or three magnets for each of them on. That way they get some nice photo magnets of your memories together, but it has only cost you £7ish in total.

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