• May 15, 2021

Hair Care Routine with Simply Argan, Tangle Teezer & BaByliss

When it comes to my hair care routine, I’d like to say it’s somewhat simple. I don’t do a great deal with my hair on the daily, even after getting it cut short to make it more ‘manageable’. A number of times throughout the week you will find me with my hair up in a ponytail or a bun, but the routine I follow with my hair before that is straightforward. So here goes:

Shampoo & Conditioner.
When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I’m not one of those who will roam the beauty aisle for the best duo that offers x amount of benefits and so on. I’m very much someone who opts for the best deal and pops it in the basket. However since trying Simply Argan’s Argan & Violet Infused Shampoo & Conditioner* set, I have become obsessed. The first thing I need to mention about this pair is their smell. Anyone a huge fan of the smell of Parma Violets sweets? If so, you are going to love these. They smell identical to them, obviously due to the violet infused aromas within them, but still. As soon as I opened the package they arrived in, the smell just hit me and instantly I was like, ‘I need to try these right this second!’

It doesn’t stop there though. The first time I used these I was sceptical as to weather this oh-so amazing scent would actually remain in my hair after washing it, and to my luck, it does! As I like to put the products I review on this blog to the ultimate test, I went three days without washing my hair for two reasons:

  1. To see if the smell disappeared quickly – 3 days in, you can still smell it! It’s not as strong for obvious reasons, but the scent still remains which is just shockingly good.
  2. To see how long it lasts before needing to wash again – now my hair gets greasy pretty quickly. The joys. So usually by day two I’ll already be reaching for the dry shampoo just to spritz a little on the roots to give them a little boost and freshen up. But in the whole 3 days I’ve not washed my hair after using this set, I’ve not touched the dry shampoo once. I’m more amazed as I go on.

As you can see, it’s a great shampoo and conditioner set for these two reasons alone but when it comes to your hair type, what can this offer? My hair is fairly frizzy and extremely dry. The thickness doesn’t help with either of these two issues. As for the frizziness of my hair, these products didn’t do a great deal. However I’m accepting of that because the weather has been hotting up again and my hair is the first to know it! As for the dry hair I rock, the Argan infused elements of the two has helped to calm this. Hair feels softer and is definitely more manageable.

The oh-so important hair brush.
Due to the thickness of my hair, a good quality hair brush is important. I use the Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer which suits me perfectly. The original version is good, but it’s not suited to my hair type. Another brush I do use is the Braun Satin-Hair 7 Iontec brush which is perfect for those with frizzy hair too.

BaByliss Diamond Straighteners.
I’ve always been a huge fan of BaByliss hair straighteners. Back in college I owned GHDs which was the be all or end all of your social existence if you didn’t own a pair back in those days. Oh how times have changed. After my little sister managed to break them however, I moved over to BaByliss as an initial ‘quick fix’ and haven’t steered away from them since.

This is one of the newest models of straightener by BaByliss right now and was at an absolute bargain on Amazon for £30, reduced from £80. I was in need of replacing my existing ones which I had owned for the last 5 years (told you they were good) and after seeing this deal, it was meant to be. In terms of straightening your hair, they’re simply awesome. But the best thing about them is you don’t get that static when you’ve reached the ends, which is something I’ve noticed when using other branded styling tools.

What else do I love? The Ionic Frizz Control is great for my hair and goes hand in hand with the static issue, the Diamond Infused ceramic plates are gentle on the hair as lets the plates glide as you style without feeling like it is tugging at your hair. But I also love that your have the choice between 3 heat settings to suit your hair type. Due to having thick hair, I do opt for the higher setting, but if you have finer hair then it’s advisable to choose the lower setting to avoid any damage.

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