• April 11, 2021

Contact/ PR

Scampi & Chips welcomes your ideas!

Here’s a little information about the person behind the posts – I’m Kayleigh and I’m a Trainee Digital Marketer by day and blogger by night. I tend to write about anything and everything for my little space on the internet. You’ll often find an eclectic mix of beauty product reviews, lifestyle posts, simple recipes and blogging tips. My blog is my hobby and I dedicate the majority of my spare time to improve it day by day. I hope you enjoy your visit to Scampi & Chips!

Contact: kayleigh.bestwick@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @KayBestwick



I am open to receiving products/samples to review, as long as the item is relevant to my blog’s style. I do expect to be able to trial the product in return for an honest review – I can’t write a post from a photograph or copy on your website.

SKINCARE: I require a two week period for trialling skincare products in order to see an impact and give an honest review. If on an unfortunate occasion I have an allergic reaction to your product, I will not feature this on my blog and will contact you with regards to this issue.

All reviews are completed in the form of a written post, however if you request a video then please state this in your email. I am open to video tutorials, hauls and reviews, but please bare in mind that YouTube is new to me and therefore will require a larger time scale.

If your product is different to what is typically featured on my blog, but you believe it would still be a suitable match, then please contact me with your ideas. I am open to new projects, but please be reminded that I am entitled to politely decline your offer for relevant reasons.

(Do not expect me to review a hoover for example – yes it’s happened before – as this is only wasting your time).


I am happy to do sponsored posts, but again the content would need to fit the style of my blog. I understand with smaller brands/companies that budgets for sponsored posts may be limited. However, if the potential collaboration does not benefit me in any way and only helps you, then I can not help. If you would like to share your ideas with me then please email me with your plan, budget and time scale. Please be reminded that I am entitled to politely decline your ideas if it is not of interest to me.


If you wish to use my photographs for any form of digital or print publication, then please get in touch with your enquiry. Please state which photos you wish to use, your intentions of use and location of publication (website/magazine etc.). I am a photography graduate and take my work very seriously – hence no funny business.

If you’re looking for a photographer on a budget, then please get in touch. I understand hiring photographers can be expensive and time consuming, which is why I offer this service:
Products can be sent to me on loan of up to two weeks (depending on product in question), photographed according to brief, sent back and have photographs emailed over or through Dropbox. I have done this on a number of occasions and is something I am very happy to do.

There is no need for hiring a studio space or planning a date/time to meet a photographer in person. Simply cover postage and return costs, lend the item(s) in question for the period of time quoted through contact, then you’ll have the photographs you wanted within a reasonable time period that suits you and your business.