• November 1, 2021

Top 10 Beauty Boxes in UK

In past years the Beauty Box industry have sky-rocketed and there’s nothing surprising in it, after all everyone loves getting box full of exciting beauty products right at their doorsteps. It’s really simple you just need to subscribe for one or more Beauty Box services and every month you will receive a box full of beauty treats right at the comfort of your home.

There are multiples types of Beauty Boxes, some of them provides their subscribers a monthly based box full of skincare products from new skincare brands, however rest focus on delivering the latest beauty products to their subscribers.

Are you a beauty-obsessed or planning to try a beauty box? We have put our heads together to bring the 10 best Beauty Boxes in United Kingdom in one place for you, also we have reviewed hundreds of Beauty Boxes on our website, you can also check them out.

Top Beauty Boxes:

  1. Glossybox
  2. Lookfantastic
  3. Birchbox
  4. Latest in Beauty
  5. The PIP Box
  6. Secret Scent Box
  7. Cohorted
  8. The Vegan Kind Beauty Box
  9. Mintd
  10. Nomakenolife



Glossybox is one of those beauty box service providers which offers full-sized products to their subscribers. If you subscribe to Glossybox, each month you will receive a recognizable pink box containing full-sized five products from your all time favorite brands. Previously Glossybox has featured multiple brands including Elemis, Nails Inc, Clarins and a lot more. The best part is that the box you will receive will be full of the combination of skincare, haircare and makeup products worth up to £50.

The Glossybox subscription starts from £8.50 per month if you go with yearly subscription plan or you can also in advance for 3, 6 or 12 months an enjoy your subscription every month with exciting products.



Lookfantastic is also one of the most popular subscription box for women. With Lookfantastic’s subscription you will receive their hand-curated box, containing 6 health and beauty products. Also, you will get a latest Edit magazine each month with your Lookfantastic’s subscription box in only £13 per month.

If you are beauty enthusiast then this is the beauty box you should go with considering the perfect blend you will receive right at your doorsteps.



Birchbox monthly subscription costs just £10 in which each month you will receive a box at your doorsteps containing 5-6 sample sized products which will surely fulfill the beauty needs of everyone. The products inside the subscription box can be a combination of makeup, haircare, perfume and skincare items and the interesting thing is that a buyer can choose one product to be delivered with its box at its doorsteps each month.

You can also get 50% off on your first order if you are a student, which means half or regular price which is just £10.

The PIP Box

If you prefer your products to be cruelty-free then The PIP Box is one of the best choice for you as all of the products inside their box are vegan and they’re never tested on animals.
With PIP Box subscription, each month you will get a box at the comfort of your home containing a combination of full-sized and travel-sized products including moisturisers. Oils, cleansers, lip balm and a lot more from huge-named brands. The PIP Box subscriptions costs your just £13.5 each month and the best part is that they donate 50p from every single box to Animal Fee Research UK.


Latest in Beauty

Latest in Beauty is one of those top subscription box providers which allows you to decide how many products you want to receive per month.

Latest in Beauty offers you multiple plans to choose from, such as you can either go with basic plan and receive 3 products of your choice every month at your doorsteps in just £9 or you can go wild and receive 9 of your favorite products at the comfort of your home in just £18/month.

It’s three different monthly subscription service are knows as the Beauty Novice, Beauty Enthusiast and the Beauty Guru. Each of them offers a perfectly hand-picked boxes according to your choice. All of the above-mentioned plans come with free shipping. Also. in case you are not sure about which plan you’d like to subscribe, you can purchase the boxes separately.


Secret Scent Box

Smelling good doesn’t need to be expensive and Secret Scent Box proves that perfectly with their monthly subscription where they are providing a whole-month supply of three travel-sized fragrance delivered right at your doorsteps.

With Secret Scent Box subscription box you will get a 3 x 3ml fragrance sprays containing enough fragrance to last throughout your month. Secret Scent Box is clearly an exciting way to try out new fragrances.



Cohorted offers its beauty box fully loaded with all those must-have beauty items to their subscribers. Cohorted has launched its beauty box back in 2016 and till now it’s been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, The Independent, and Glamour. Cohorted has been delivering the premium experience to its subscribers with its products from huge-named brands and its elegant all black exterior.

It is a bit expensive as compared to some of the other beauty boxes but it is one of those few beauty boxes that ship internationally. Those who subscribe to Cohorted beauty box subscription, receive a free gift along with their beauty box.



The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box allows you to treat yourself with cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty products that are especially designed to fulfill your personal needs.

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is a perfect combination of skincare, perfume and haircare items and they guarantee that you won’t receive any product twice. They also allow you to either pay per box or you can subscribe and pay for a whole-year and enjoy hassle-free subscription.

Also the best thing is that The Vegan Kind Beauty Box donates each month to Animal Free Research UK on your behalf.



After Cohorted, Mindtdbox is another premium beauty box service that allows their customer to create their own personalized profile in order to receive the products according to their choice.

With Midntdbox subscription, you will receive 4-5 full-sized products every month worth up to £135, also you will get a perfect blend of all the essentials you need to fulfill your beauty needs, from skincare to haircare and bodycare to nails. As it is one of the Luxury beauty boxes so it is a bit expensive than some other ones, its per month subscription will cost you £65.

Mintdbox allows you to either go for monthly/bi-monthly plans or you can also make an upfront payment for 3/6 or 12 months and enjoy your hassle-free subscription.



Nomakenolife offers an original selection of Japanese and Korean beauty products and offers those beauty boxes which are shipped straight from Tokyo to at your doorsteps.

With Nomakenolife subscription, you will receive eight to nine original Korean or Japanese product including makeup items like lipsticks and blushes, skincare products from the Innisfree, The Face Shop and Hada Labo along with hairecare items from well-known Korean brands. However Nomakenolife gives you multiple subscription options to choose from including their 12 months subscription plan which costs you $31.5/month.



Beauty Boxes allows all those beauty enthusiasts to try out latest beauty products from their all-time favorite brands as well as from new brands by just staying at the comfort of your home. The Interesting thing is that you never know what you are going to get inside your monthly subscription box.

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You Beauty Discovery Beauty Box

This is my first-ever YBD – You Beauty Discovery beauty box. It is by far the cheapest beauty box I have found. I usually go with Latest in Beauty which can range from £14-£25, which is a good price for what you get. However, YBD is only £6.99. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this price, girls. Plus, it is free delivery. Hallelujah!

How YBD works is, at the beginning of each month you are sent an email listing all the available products to buy. From that list you pick two products you would like to have in that month’s beauty box. You then receive 3 additional items which are a surprise. As the subscription goes on if there happens to be a month where none of products take your fancy, then you can simply un-register. If you find another month throughout the year is more suited to you, they keep hold of your details and you simply re-register and pick the items you want. Simple as that! No contracts, which I love! Because of how cheap this is I am waiting it out till October to see what goodies are next. Let’s wait and see!

Tony & Guy Volume Plumping Whip, 90ml – I’ve heard nothing but good things about this product, and Tony & Guy as a brand. I love their hairspray. The smell I am addicted too, which may be a bad thing, but it does the job without leaving the hair feeling horrible. This was one of the surprise items in the September Issue, and a good surprise it is!

Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion, 75ml – This is one of the products which I picked but sold out very fast! So I was fortunate enough to get this when I did. This is my Mum’s all-time favourite brand when it comes to skin products, so I couldn’t resist giving it a go myself. The bottle reads, “A comforting & delicately fragranced blend of lightweight moisture infused with rose & shea butter”. The smell really is amazing. What first attracted me to this product when I opened it was that it states it is ‘lightweight’. There’s nothing I hate more than using lovely smelling body lotions and moisturisers that end up sitting on your body feeling greasy.

Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Colour SPF15, Eve 09 – I’ve not come across this brand before which intrigued me more, therefore I picked this lipstick as my second product. The fact that this has SPF15 is a bonus alongside the moisturising Mango Butter and Argan Oil. Argan Oil is slowly becoming a top ingredient in beauty products alongside hair products. I’ve noticed mascaras around the place are including the oil which is great, because I love it! This lipstick is in the shade Eve 09, which is a subtle coral which is beautiful. The smell reminds me of marshmallows which is odd given the main fragranced ingredient is Mango. I think my smelling senses are a little messed up. Although this lipstick is a lovely shade, the pigmentation isn’t too great. I did three to four swipes for the swatch above before any colour started to show. Another downfall is I think I am allergic to an ingredient in here which I am going to have to investigate. My hand had a slightly burning sensation afterwards and when tested on my lips they felt slightly swollen. Do not let this put you off, as obviously this is a personal issue. I will however keep you posted on what I find out! On the plus side, the packaging is a lovely deep purple with butterfly and flower sketches all around the case.

Additional items I received in this month’s box were a make-up sponge which is not branded. I am currently using this as an under-eye sponge for concealer until I finally buy a beauty sponge. So this has come in handy as a free alternative for the mean time! You also get two Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Bags in Afternoon Tea and Blackberry Green Tea – I’ve never particularly liked the idea of flavoured tea or any tea other than Tetly for that matter! I have been convinced to move to Asda’s Chosen by You tea bags to help save money, and I am getting the Tetly blues. So picky. I also received a £25 Gift Card for Hello Fresh. I’ve never heard of these before but was definitely intrigued when it involves food being delivered to your door. I have not tried these out yet, but definitely will give it a go. If all goes well I will most likely do a separate post as a review of their service and products. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.

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Hair Care Routine with Simply Argan, Tangle Teezer & BaByliss

When it comes to my hair care routine, I’d like to say it’s somewhat simple. I don’t do a great deal with my hair on the daily, even after getting it cut short to make it more ‘manageable’. A number of times throughout the week you will find me with my hair up in a ponytail or a bun, but the routine I follow with my hair before that is straightforward. So here goes:

Shampoo & Conditioner.
When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I’m not one of those who will roam the beauty aisle for the best duo that offers x amount of benefits and so on. I’m very much someone who opts for the best deal and pops it in the basket. However since trying Simply Argan’s Argan & Violet Infused Shampoo & Conditioner* set, I have become obsessed. The first thing I need to mention about this pair is their smell. Anyone a huge fan of the smell of Parma Violets sweets? If so, you are going to love these. They smell identical to them, obviously due to the violet infused aromas within them, but still. As soon as I opened the package they arrived in, the smell just hit me and instantly I was like, ‘I need to try these right this second!’

It doesn’t stop there though. The first time I used these I was sceptical as to weather this oh-so amazing scent would actually remain in my hair after washing it, and to my luck, it does! As I like to put the products I review on this blog to the ultimate test, I went three days without washing my hair for two reasons:

  1. To see if the smell disappeared quickly – 3 days in, you can still smell it! It’s not as strong for obvious reasons, but the scent still remains which is just shockingly good.
  2. To see how long it lasts before needing to wash again – now my hair gets greasy pretty quickly. The joys. So usually by day two I’ll already be reaching for the dry shampoo just to spritz a little on the roots to give them a little boost and freshen up. But in the whole 3 days I’ve not washed my hair after using this set, I’ve not touched the dry shampoo once. I’m more amazed as I go on.

As you can see, it’s a great shampoo and conditioner set for these two reasons alone but when it comes to your hair type, what can this offer? My hair is fairly frizzy and extremely dry. The thickness doesn’t help with either of these two issues. As for the frizziness of my hair, these products didn’t do a great deal. However I’m accepting of that because the weather has been hotting up again and my hair is the first to know it! As for the dry hair I rock, the Argan infused elements of the two has helped to calm this. Hair feels softer and is definitely more manageable.

The oh-so important hair brush.
Due to the thickness of my hair, a good quality hair brush is important. I use the Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer which suits me perfectly. The original version is good, but it’s not suited to my hair type. Another brush I do use is the Braun Satin-Hair 7 Iontec brush which is perfect for those with frizzy hair too.

BaByliss Diamond Straighteners.
I’ve always been a huge fan of BaByliss hair straighteners. Back in college I owned GHDs which was the be all or end all of your social existence if you didn’t own a pair back in those days. Oh how times have changed. After my little sister managed to break them however, I moved over to BaByliss as an initial ‘quick fix’ and haven’t steered away from them since.

This is one of the newest models of straightener by BaByliss right now and was at an absolute bargain on Amazon for £30, reduced from £80. I was in need of replacing my existing ones which I had owned for the last 5 years (told you they were good) and after seeing this deal, it was meant to be. In terms of straightening your hair, they’re simply awesome. But the best thing about them is you don’t get that static when you’ve reached the ends, which is something I’ve noticed when using other branded styling tools.

What else do I love? The Ionic Frizz Control is great for my hair and goes hand in hand with the static issue, the Diamond Infused ceramic plates are gentle on the hair as lets the plates glide as you style without feeling like it is tugging at your hair. But I also love that your have the choice between 3 heat settings to suit your hair type. Due to having thick hair, I do opt for the higher setting, but if you have finer hair then it’s advisable to choose the lower setting to avoid any damage.

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Autumn Skincare: My Favourite Products for Dry Skin

Although it’s not officially Autumn just yet, I’ve been in Autumn mode for weeks after the array of hot days were taking their toll on me. I don’t deal with heat very well, but it also has such a negative impact on my skin which is why lately I’ve really had to up my skincare game.

I have very dry skin, with large pores, so skincare products can be very hit and miss for me; they are either really hydrating but clog up my pores, or help deep clean and minimise the appearance of pores, but are fairly drying on the skin. I just can’t win sometimes!

But I’d like to say with my new autumn skincare regime, I’m onto a killer routine. Lately I’ve been starting my day with the Deborah Mitchell Heaven WillowBee Mask & Cleanse*. This works as a 2-in-1 formula, using it as both a cleanser and mask for just one price.

In the mornings I simply use one pump of this (a little goes a long way) and massage into dry skin for a good minute, before rinsing away with warm water and a flanel. The design of the packaging alone for this product is so handy! You simply take the lid off and press down on the white pump, which has a nozzle in the middle where the product comes out of. Then simply wipe it off with your fingers to then put on your face. Simples.

Once the cleanser is wiped away and my skin is lovely and clean, I opt for a moisturiser; Vichy Aqualia Thermal Day Cream in the rich formula (ideal for dry skin). Once my moisturiser is on, I then rub a dab of the BeeBio Nectar Eye Cream gently around my eyes, leaving this to dry for a couple minutes before applying my makeup. Autumn Skincare

I always make my morning routine simpler and quicker for the fact that, I don’t want to be rushing around getting ready for work. However, I spend a little extra time in the evenings when it comes to skincare, because in all honesty it is a great way of winding down and pampering yourself. Do you agree? That’s how I motivate myself to stick to a good nightime skincare regime anyway!

In the evenings I’ve been using this Konjac Facial Puff Sponge in French Red Clay*. Konjac Sponge Co. have a whole variety of sponges for various skin types, but the Red Clay one is designed for dry, damaged and mature skin. The way it works is like a standard face sponge; just add water and use on your face. But the way this sponge has been designed is to deep clean, exfoliate and brighten your skin.

You might panic at first as the sponge is fairly hard and feels as though it’ll be too rough on the skin, but once you add water it goes lovely and soft and works so gently on the skin – so is ideal for sensitive skin too.

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My 3 Everyday Products from Avon

The first product I wear everyday just before getting dressed, is my all-time favourite perfume – Little Black Dress. This comes in a number of varieties from body mists to eau de toilettes, but I always opt for the perfume due to how long the scent lasts.

My skin has improved a lot over the last month or so, which means I don’t wear as much make-up anymore to help keep my skin clear. Most days I just wear mascara and sometimes a flick of liner, with no use of foundation or even concealer. The redness of my skin has reduced, it’s hydrated which means the dryness is at bay and over-all is a lot better than it used to be.

Although I don’t wear this next product everyday as my skin doesn’t necessarily need it, sometimes I want to hide red bumps or dark circles. This is the Ideal Flawless Cream Concealer in the shade Fair. This is by far the best concealer I’ve tried to date. I always used the Natural Collection concealer, but then changed to the L’Oreal True Match concealer as it matched my foundation. Now that foundation is out the window and I’ve tried the Avon concealer, I’m hooked! I wore this on Saturday to Birmingham, which was on from 6.30am to 10pm and although it had started to fade, I noticed blemishes were still covered which is good to say it was on for over twelve hours!

Next up is the Super Shock Brights Mascara in black. My all-time favourite mascara is the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in So Couture So Black, but it’s coming to an end and I can’t bring myself to buy a new one just yet, so I’m holding off from using it. Therefore in the mean time I am using this beauty. The brush is a lot bigger than others tried before, plus has one width and shape which does make getting the inner corner lashes and bottom lashes a little difficult. However, on the whole it does lengthen my lashes and makes them appear slightly bolder, without making me look like I’ve over done it.

What are your three everyday products, and what are your favourites by Avon?

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