• May 12, 2021

Personalised Photo Magnets | PicStick

I’m a lover of photographs, especially when it comes to pictures from my travels, days out or family gatherings. I’ve always dreamed that one day when I have my own house there will be a wall – a very large wall – which will be filled with random photographs and miss-matched frames. Anyone else have that vision? My Mum has a mini one going on which I love, but I am talking extravagant sized mural for me! I’m not sure how big this dream house is in my head.

Anyhow, PicStick kindly let me pick nine photographs which were sent to me as mini magnets. I’m also a lover of novelty magnets, but I don’t have big dreams for them. I would need a large fridge. Whenever I go travelling or have a day out to the seaside or a theme park for example, I never tend to print my photographs unless it’s as a gift. Reason being, it is so darn expensive nowadays! One little 6×4 print costs you 25p in shops today and personally I find that a rip off. Also I can only re-call buying one photo key-ring when at a theme-park which cost me £10! No one can agree that this is an acceptable price!

Back to my point, PicStick allow you to upload your own photographs which are then sent to you in a grid on magnets. You simply fold and tear across the lines and there you have it, a set of personalised magnets to post all around your house! A set of nine cost you a mere £9.50 with free delivery. I ordered mine around 11am and got mine the very next day! So you are guaranteed speedy delivery. If that isn’t enough, they have kindly sent me a discount code for you lovely readers to benefit from. The code CHIPS25 will give you 25% off your order. Let me do the maths for you…hang on. £7.12! What a bargain. I’ve already cheekily passed the code onto my Mum because Christmas is near and all the relatives get photo-related presents from her. My face is a shrine in most of my relative’s houses when I visit, thanks to my Mum.

I decided to go for a mix of photos from my very large collection. I didn’t want to go for your standard, ‘Say Cheese!’ photographs. Instead I wanted something a little more fun. I picked my Graduation ones as they are a document of a very memorable day for me. I also picked the funniest selfie of all-time which me and Eliot managed to capture when in Boston. Here’s the story behind it; We were on a boat heading out into the sea to do some Whale-watching and as you can imagine the wind was pretty strong. I got my camera out and thought I had complete control over my hair, then this happened when I flipped the screen back round. It’s not a flattering picture of the two of us, more so for Eliot, but who cares?!

So again, if you would like to check out PicStick and their services and products, click HERE. Remember, you can get a further 25% off when using the code CHIPS25 which is also listed in my ‘Discount Code’ section on my sidebar. A tip I could suggest, which I am doing next week, is buying these for your friends. If you have lots of friends to buy gifts for but you only want to get something small and meaningful, order one sheet of these with two or three magnets for each of them on. That way they get some nice photo magnets of your memories together, but it has only cost you £7ish in total.

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Blogging Tools

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and the way I work changes all the time, however, some things have remained the same throughout. This could be as simple as using pen and paper for planning, through to the technical tools such as Google Analytics, but I’ve found my balance.

iPad – Although it was an expensive purchase, it’s worth it in my eyes. I had an iPad when I first started blogging, then sold it when I moved for a new job. A couple months later it was time to buy it once again, but this time a better one – the iPad Air 2. I use this non-stop when it comes to blogging, which is why I’m not fussed abut the cost. If I’m in town running errands, I stop off for a coffee-break and can easily type up a draft post whilst there. When travelling to see friends and family, which is fairly often, it makes the long journeys bearable as I sit there drafting my ideas. It’s surprising how much I actually get done with this little device, compared to when I simply had a computer only. I find I’m participating in more blogger chats on a weekly basis, as I can get work done on my computer, but tweet away on the iPad as I go along.

Pen & Paper – A bit of a no-brainer and much more affordable, but if an idea springs to mind I quickly jot it down and do a brief brainstorm. The main reason I opt for a notebook over reaching for my iPad though, is when I’m thinking of re-designing the blog – which is soon. I get ideas in my head and start visualising the finished piece, which is where I touch pen to paper to record it. It’s much easier to do it this way, rather than searching through the internet for images that half relate to what I visualise.

Phone – My phone’s sole purpose when it comes to blogging is the use of its calendar. My iMac and iPad are synced together for leisure/business events, so I prefer to have my Gmail calendar for blogging only. I find this to be a useful tool as when I’m at work and check my emails during lunch, I’ll often get emails from companies regarding potential projects and also events going on. I can then quickly pop them into my calendar there and then and keep on top of my own little blogging schedule.

Hootsuite – I don’t have the time during the day to keep on top of social media because of work, but I know all too well how important it is to stay connected with your following. Hootsuite allows me to do just that by scheduling in tweets, Facebook posts and also my G+.

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools – When I first started blogging, I had no idea what these two were used for. Once I got my head around the basics though, I became slightly addicted and was checking my stats daily. Now that I’m working as a Digital Marketer, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to analysing stats for your website. You only need to check these on a monthly basis. There’s no harm in checking them daily, but you’ll start to become too attached and question what you see. For clients I will go through crawl errors, search queries, visits and much more once a month. This is mainly because I devote my time to other tasks, but also because there’s no need. If you have change something on blog which you think may have an impact on how it ranks or is indexed by Google, then by all means keep checking back every now and then to make sure your site is healthy.

Camera – An obvious piece of equipment, but my camera is one of the main tools I use when it comes to blogging. I don’t have as much time as I used to for photography. When I first started full-time work it would be dark by time I got home, meaning I would have to leave all photography tasks for the weekend. The past two months though have been pretty hectic, with only an hour or so here and there to dedicate time to my photography. My best piece of advice – do everything in bulk.

What are the main tools you use when it comes to blogging?

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