• May 12, 2021

Blackspade Nightwear: Luxurious & Stylish Loungewear

I don’t know about you, but pyjama’s and cosy dressing gowns have to be my ultimate favourite thing to wear; if only it was acceptable to wear them to the shop nowadays without getting strange looks as though you’re some raging psycopath…

I’m one for novelty pj’s and have my own collection of Minions, Frozen and The Big Bang Theory-themed items, but sometimes it’s nice to have something a little plain and simple that just looks nice and luxurious.

Blackspade is a luxury nightwear range which holds your standard nighties, PJ sets and dressing gowns, but they are a lot more¬†sophisticated¬†to my usual nightwear so to speak. In all honesty nighties are not my thing; the closest i’ll get to wearing something of that style is by wearing a really baggy shirt as a form of night dress. The style just isn’t for me, but it may be for you!


Dressing gowns on the other hand are something I love! They’re so cosy, soft and snuggly and I could literally live in them. However, due to my height it is sometimes ratehr difficult to find one that covers my modesty after a shower or that isn’t too thick that I feel like I’m cooking inside it! Blackspade have this luxurious and stylish wrapover robe* shall we say, that is a beautiful light grey and has this incredibly comforting fleecey material. To touch, the material is fairly thin but once on you are nice and toasty suprisingly.

For me, this is the perfect dressing gown for this time of year; spring/summer. It’s not too cold that you require all the layers, but it’s not quite warm enough at night to be in vest and shorts. It’s hoodless and collarless, which makes it look even more stylish, and is the kind of robe you can eaily open the door in without feeling awkward!

The only disadvantage in my opinion for this dressing gown, is the length. I know this may appear as though I’m contraditing what I mentioned earlier about other gowns being too short, but this one is almost too long! Where’s the middle ground?

I’m 5ft 10in and this falls past my knees. With the way I sit, this can get all tangled and awkwardly wraps around my legs until I simply want to take it off! However, I’ve made it my mission to get creative once again and simply hitch up the hem to sit just above my knee!

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