• May 12, 2021

Bank Holiday Money Saving Tips

Finally, it’s the start of the Easter bank holiday which means a long 4-day weekend for many of us! Normally I wouldn’t do much for bank holiday weekends, mainly because the weather is always dismal, but this Easter is different! My birthday was two days ago – yay – and now I’m off to spend the majority of my Easter Bank Holiday weekend in glorious North Wales!

Now, visiting friends and family for a couple of days is always fun and exciting, especially when you haven’t seen them for months! But, the downfall is the expense. Travel alone is pricey from Nottingham to Wales, let alone all the eating out and day trips galore! So I’m dedicating this post to ways you can save money this Bank Holiday, or any holiday for that matter!

Free events
It doesn’t matter where you are, there’s always an event or attraction of some kind that you can go visit. However, bank holidays are always the busiest times of year and everyone goes for the expensive options; theme parks, weekend retreats, extravagant days out etc. Sure, these are fun, but they aren’t your only option. Search for free events in your area that are suitable for your group; friends, grandparents, the little ones etc. I typically use Facebook’s events search for my area, and you’ll be surprised how much is on that you never knew about! You can also check out Just Free Stuff who always update with free events.

Plan in Advance
The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is already here but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan in advance for other holidays in the near future – 2nd May is the next one, so bear that in mind! Plan in advance has its advantages, but understandably has cons to it too. Planning far ahead opens you up to early bird deals. Whether its travel, entry fees or booking free spaces for an event before fees are applies, planning in advance is something you should consider! Unfortunately plans can sometimes change when we least expect it, and typically the cheapest deals are non-refundable. Therefore, make sure you can travel/attend an event on the date you specify to avoid missing out.

Last Minute
This may contradict the previous point, but booking very last minute always gives you some great discounts and opportunities. If you’re booking hotels or a holiday, bank holiday deals are always floating around but if it’s any ordinary weekday/weekend, you’ll find you’ll get some great deals for a retreat that begins in just a couple days. Signup to sites you’ve enquired about and enter your preferences for dates, locations etc. and they typically will email you when the best competitive price has come up!

Eating out
We all love a nice meal out somewhere new, but boy is it expensive. Dinner for two is pricey enough, but if you’re a family with more mouths to feed then the price can be heart-breaking. Note that you don’t always need to eat out and instead can go home-made. Depending on the weather, picnics are always a favourite for many. Simply take a trip to your nearest supermarket and stock up on the essentials for sandwiches, snacks, drinks and the sweet treats for later on! If eating out happens to be on your agenda, then consider looking for vouchers online beforehand. You’ll find many eateries do 2-for-1 deals, but sometimes you can get even better offers online! Be sure to call your eatery of choice to ensure the voucher is still valid to avoid disappointment.

Travel in style
If you can drive, great. I can understand it gives you more flexibility and freedom when travelling but sometimes can be very expensive. Not only do you have to take into account the fuel costs, but also the parking and potentially any toll charges you may come across depending on your route. It all adds up and you may just find a group ticket for the train, bus or coach could have saved you around a third of what you paid for travelling by car!

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