• May 8, 2021

Autumn Skincare: My Favourite Products for Dry Skin

Although it’s not officially Autumn just yet, I’ve been in Autumn mode for weeks after the array of hot days were taking their toll on me. I don’t deal with heat very well, but it also has such a negative impact on my skin which is why lately I’ve really had to up my skincare game.

I have very dry skin, with large pores, so skincare products can be very hit and miss for me; they are either really hydrating but clog up my pores, or help deep clean and minimise the appearance of pores, but are fairly drying on the skin. I just can’t win sometimes!

But I’d like to say with my new autumn skincare regime, I’m onto a killer routine. Lately I’ve been starting my day with the Deborah Mitchell Heaven WillowBee Mask & Cleanse*. This works as a 2-in-1 formula, using it as both a cleanser and mask for just one price.

In the mornings I simply use one pump of this (a little goes a long way) and massage into dry skin for a good minute, before rinsing away with warm water and a flanel. The design of the packaging alone for this product is so handy! You simply take the lid off and press down on the white pump, which has a nozzle in the middle where the product comes out of. Then simply wipe it off with your fingers to then put on your face. Simples.

Once the cleanser is wiped away and my skin is lovely and clean, I opt for a moisturiser; Vichy Aqualia Thermal Day Cream in the rich formula (ideal for dry skin). Once my moisturiser is on, I then rub a dab of the BeeBio Nectar Eye Cream gently around my eyes, leaving this to dry for a couple minutes before applying my makeup. Autumn Skincare

I always make my morning routine simpler and quicker for the fact that, I don’t want to be rushing around getting ready for work. However, I spend a little extra time in the evenings when it comes to skincare, because in all honesty it is a great way of winding down and pampering yourself. Do you agree? That’s how I motivate myself to stick to a good nightime skincare regime anyway!

In the evenings I’ve been using this Konjac Facial Puff Sponge in French Red Clay*. Konjac Sponge Co. have a whole variety of sponges for various skin types, but the Red Clay one is designed for dry, damaged and mature skin. The way it works is like a standard face sponge; just add water and use on your face. But the way this sponge has been designed is to deep clean, exfoliate and brighten your skin.

You might panic at first as the sponge is fairly hard and feels as though it’ll be too rough on the skin, but once you add water it goes lovely and soft and works so gently on the skin – so is ideal for sensitive skin too.

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