• May 2, 2021

19 Travel Blog Post Ideas

I recently did a post on beauty blog post ideas where I gave you a whopping 47 different post ideas for when you’re running a little low. I would love to be a full blow travel blogger, but unfortunately time will restrict that for me just now, however, just because I’m not jetting across the world it doesn’t mean I can’t write travel posts. Right? Correct!

If you have a passion for travel or simply enjoy the idea of it, then you can still write travel blog posts as much as the next person. Below I have listed 19 travel blog post ideas for you to sink your teeth into:

  1. Best Sites for Budget Travel Transport
  2. My Holiday Wishlist
  3. Places I’d Love to Visit by Time I’m ___
  4. Top 5 UK Travel Destinations
  5. How to Pack Your Cabin Bag Like a Pro
  6. Top 7 European Cities to Visit
  7. Easy Tips for Learning a New Language
  8. How to Find Amazing Hotels for Less
  9. Tips for Travelling on a Budget
  10. My 3 Favourite Travel Blogs
  11. Highlights of My Trip to ___
  12. Tips for Getting Cheap Flights
  13. Travel Essentials for a Long Haul Flight
  14. How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying
  15. The Perks of Travelling Solo
  16. Hostels vs. Airbnb: Which One to Choose?
  17. How to Avoid Travel Sickness
  18. My Favourite Travel Apps
  19. Top 9 Travel Instagram Accounts

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